There's a stormNot out there But in hereI am the stormA commotion of furyLike a dragon Blowing fireI sit down I take a deep breath I listenThe pain in my chestStarts to fade awayThere's peaceI am the peaceLike a still lakeReflecting the moon Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #141 -Commotion – 5/2/2023

Does mindfulness really help to minimise anxiety?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the stress that work, family, and everyday life are throwing at you? Mindfulness is the latest buzzword, but does it really live up to its hype in helping reduce anxiety levels and create balance in our lives? In this blog post we’ll discuss how mindfulness works and explore whether … Continue reading Does mindfulness really help to minimise anxiety?


The path is rugged Destination is unknown Our days are impending There is fear of change There is joy of bravery The rugged path Is filled with beauty We just have to Stop and notice It’s like walking Through a field Sometimes Its cold and muddy Sometimes Its sunny with flowers Far and wide Moonwashed … Continue reading Impending

Emotional Journaling

Getting your emotions down on paper can help you to process difficult times as well as help you with sorting out general emotional problems. A journal acts as a free talk therapist…”someone” you can spill all your feelings too, no matter what, without judgment. Using a journal to self-express can relieve anxiety, help you to understand negative emotional triggers, and resolve problems in your daily life.